To be able to legally teach in South Korea, and to qualify for an E-2 Teaching Visa, you are required by law to have:

1. A valid Passport from one of the 7 Native English Speaking Countries: (U.S.A., Canada, U.K., Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa)

2. A Bachelor's Degree from a 4-Year University. (Also from one of the 7 Countries mentioned above.) 
Further, to teach at the university level, you are required to have either:

1. A Master's Degree & 2 years of Relevant Teaching Experience*  OR
2. A Bachelor's Degree & 4 Years of Relevant Teaching Experience*

* Officially, relevant teaching experience can be at a university, college, or public school (elementary, middle, high school). It's important to note that different universities view and treat relevant teaching experience differently.

* Private academy ("hagwon") teaching experience is NOT considered relevant by most universities. However, this is at the discretion of each individual college or university.

This training is a digital course which provides detailed information about applying for teaching positions at colleges and universities in South Korea. This includes university address databases, university address labels, and detailed trainings on how to create a teaching portfolio package which can be sent out both online and by mail.  

This training is not, and does not claim to be, a substitute for having the proper degree and/or qualifications needed to work at a university in South Korea. 

This training is not a recruitment service and is not affiliated with any university in Korea. Further, we do not offer or guarantee job placement at any particular institution upon completion of our program. All hiring is at the sole discretion of each individual college or university.

This training is a compliment for those that are already qualified (or almost there) and are seeking a way to stand out among other applicants, build a strong portfolio, and reach universities and colleges online and by mail.

Also, we absolutely do acknowledge that not everyone will need our products or services.. The choice to use our products is up to each individual teacher.

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